Letter to the Editor

Today, I submitted this Letter to the Editor:

Over a month ago, billboards appeared around Lancaster County for radio station 92.7 WKZF. On these billboards, a sexy woman leans against a wall and dares you to not just look, but listen. Or essentially: “Now that this body has your attention, check out our station too.”

Clearly 92.7 WKZF is capitalizing on our sex-saturated culture, but I’m not sure how any human being can look at these ads without feeling completely exploited. Their marketing department should be ashamed. As someone who works in the field, it is infuriating to see an organization intentionally furthering an unhealthy and degrading view of women.

Speaking of, the woman on this advertisement wasn’t even given the decency of a face! I can’t think of a more obvious way to objectify a woman than diminishing her value to only her sex appeal.  It is appalling to me that something so demeaning is being broadcast all over our county.

This isn’t just about a racy ad campaign, as described by station manager Billy Baldwin*, but a mindset that promotes unhealthy and damaging views of sex that increase cases of prostitution, rape, pornography, and sexual assault.

Let’s work together to promote a world where women are empowered and dignified instead of objectified.

*In reference to the article published by Lancaster New Era/Intelligencer Journal on October 3.


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