An Open Door

Over the last two months, I’ve been asking God to show me clearly how to move forward with a pending decision. I repeatedly asked him for an open door; I wanted a clear yes or no.

I wanted God to tell me what to do

What I really wanted was for God to give me a sign, a way for me to know that I was making the right choice. Then it dawned on me: God doesn’t always give us a yes or no. Period.

He doesn’t always give us a clear path or open door. Instead, he has equipped us with brains and the ability to problem solve. I’ve been learning that sometimes, instead of clearing that path for us, he puts information in it and let’s us figure it out.  And he doesn’t always give us all the information, or the best information, or the clearest information. But he wants me to use my hand-crafted-by-the-creator-brain to make the best decision with the information I have available.

Sometimes that means taking a risk. Sometimes that means making a mistake. Sometimes that requires venturing into the unknown.

So really, it’s not about making the right decision, and it surely isn’t about waiting around until the right door opens.

What it’s really about, is taking the next step and pursuing him in the process. 


One thought on “An Open Door

  1. wow Arden that is so challenging to me!! I am such a scaredy cat and so often afraid to make a decision. In my fear i want God just to tell me what to do , so I know I am not making a mistake. You are right though, GOd gave us wisdom and intelligence, His word clearly tells us how to live our lives and make goodvdecisions. Now the reponsibility is on us to use that wisdom and make power moves . Thanks for sharing this I am gonna be thinking on this today!!

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